Our Story

Find it difficult to find the perfect gift? 

Ever received a gift that wasn’t exactly in your wish list? 
It all started when our founder received a gift that he although appreciated, though preferred something rather techy. 
This got him thinking. What can be done to help people in finding tailored gifts that recipients will enjoy? 
His thinking led to the birth of Alpheos. The ingenious idea to offer a personalised gifting process matching gifts to particular interests. 
Though we are still a young company, we are forever growing and only getting better at accurately matching gifts to interests. We have since also branched out and launched our birthday reminder service. Our mission is to provide an enjoyable gifting experience and to ensure happier recipients. 

About us

When thinking gifts, Alpheos is a here to help you with all your gifting needs. We thrive to provide the upmost quality service and products to ensure you have a smooth gifting experience. 


Alpheos                                                                        Kemp House                                                                152-160 City Road                                                       London, EC1V 2NX                                                     United Kingdom