Turning 18 is a pivotal moment, it’s considered the official entry to adulthood. Thus It’s an exciting time for those celebrating their 18th Birthday and we’re sure you’re on the hunt for a present –  see our top picks below. 

18th birthday present ideas for girls
Image Credits: Apple, Michael Kors, Thomas Cook

MacBook Air 13-inch

At the age of 18 for many is the year they are starting university after the summer break. Whilst going through these studies, students require a sufficient laptop to aide them during these final academic years. The Macbook Air is a powerful computer that will more than suffice for all student needs.

Michael Kors Women's Watch MK2741

Michael Kors watches are world renowned and are worn by many celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Hayden Panettiere. This Pyper Rose Gold-Tone Leather Watch is fine luxury with a rose gold tone case yet still humble and elegant with the matte finish thin leather strap. 

Thomas Cook Gift Card

For many turning 18 is the year that marks the end of sixth form or college. Before embracing work life or setting off to University, a nice break abroad is well deserved for the newly 18 year olds. The Thomas Cook Gift Card is a pre-paid card allowing the recipient to book the holiday on where their heart desires. You have the option to select how much you want to top up – though we recommend a minimum of about £300. You can choose for Thomas Cook to send the gift card via post or email.

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